Automotive Aftermarket Springs

Aftermarket parts such as automotive aftermarket springs for the automotive industry is a complex and demanding business.  Each component has strict tolerances and specifications which must be complied with for a part to function with the whole.  Springs are no different as they are one of the most important parts of a car’s suspension system.

If the springs are not manufactured correctly the automobile’s steering, handling and ride could be significantly affected.  Springs connect the car body to the wheels which in turn connect the car to the ground.  They act as energy absorbing devices which allow flexibility in the suspension system.  The stiffness and flexibility of the suspension is an integral part of the car’s ride and handling abilities, and serious accidents could occur if this is comprised.

At Barber Spring, we have the abilities to produce quality aftermarket automotive springs to spec.  Springs can be reverse engineered from samples to produce identical products, or the numbers can be crunched to re-engineer the design.  Springs can be used to lower or raise the ride of the car, increase the stiffness for a sportier feel, or allow for a variable/progress rate.

Whatever your aftermarket spring needs are, if you are an individual or a distributor, contact Barber Spring to see how we can help you.

Robert Anderson joins Barber Spring

Robert Anderson recently joined Barber Spring. His primary functions at Barber Spring include; quoting, technical sales, and engineering assistance in the field of industrial and railroad helical springs.

Robert is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science and a Nuclear Engineering Certificate.  Robert was also a key member of the Pitt auto race team.

Jim Schlegel joins Barber Spring Staff

We are pleased to announce that Jim Schlegel, formerly of Alco Spring Industries, will be joining Barber Spring effective September 1,2013.  Jim brings over 41 years of experience in spring design, quality assurance and field support. Jim is highly regarded throughout the spring industry.

The combination of Jim’s knowledge and experience in the spring industry along with Barber’s manufacturing capabilities will provide you with the best customer service, quality, and delivery in the industry.  I ask that you give us the opportunity to provide you with a quotation so you can see for yourself the advantages of sourcing with Barber Spring.