Corporate conference awards Barber Quality

Quality Award 2015

David Jablonowski, General Manager at Barber Spring presented with Awards at annual corporate conference

Barber Spring is a division of Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation, one of 56 different divisions in the Wabtec Corporation. Recently, the annual corporate conference was held and all 56 divisions attended. During the conference, awards were presented for various achievements such a Safety, Quality, Service, Innovation. Barber Spring was the recipient of the Quality Award. The Quality Award recognizes Barber Spring as a leader in quality in the Wabtec Corporation. This is the second major award for Barber, the other being the Safety Award.

Video Barber Spring Installs New Hot Wound Spring Coiler

This video shows Barber Spring G.M. Dave Jablonowski speaking about how recently Barber Spring Installs New Hot Wound Spring Coiler. This great new coiler is capable of coiling hot wound industrial springs up to 4 inch bar diameter. Also in the video, discussion includes world wide standards and certifications for quality at Barber Spring. Barber Spring has fast lead time and continues to improve its equipment to meet the demands of the industrial spring manufacturing industry.