Engineering Assistance

Finding the right spring for your application can be a difficult task. There are many variables such as material size, allowable stress, and dimensional tolerances can complicate any industrial spring design. Here at Barber Spring we have five engineers on staff to provide engineering assistance, and help with any questions related to spring design, material conformance and quality specifications.  We have the capabilities to design a spring from scratch to a customer’s specifications, or make improvements and suggestions to an existing design.

At Barber Spring we have over one hundred years experiences working with customers and supplying quality industrial springs. We have the capability to perform special analytical tests per our customer’s requirements.  We can supply certifications of conformity, cycle testing and fatigue failure analysis, raw material analysis including decarburization, ultrasonic inspections, tensile test, and grain size verification.

Do you need a previous existing spring to be made from a special alloy?  Engineers at Barber Spring can work with you to modify your design to accommodate different material properties and availability. We have extensive experience working with precipitation hardening stainless steels and high temperature nickel alloys such as Inconel and A286.

Please contact Barber Spring if you have any questions related to spring design and application. Any of our five Engineers would be more than happy to help!”

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