Barber Spring has been in business since 1905

In this brief video General Manager Dave Jablonowski talks about how Barber Spring has been in business since 1905. The fact that Barber makes quality industrial springs is well known and not only does Barber Spring serve the local companies in Pittsburgh, PA. but also serves many international client in Europe, Asia, and Africa just to name a few.

Barber Spring takes great pride also in its quick turnaround, exceptional customer service, fast lead time and large steel inventory. All these factors make Barber Spring the clear choice when your looking for high quality hot wound springs. Enjoy the video friends!

12 reasons to choose Barber Spring

12 reasons to choose Barber Spring.

  • Barber Springs Lead Time is one of the fastest in the Industrial Spring Manufacturing Industry, currently our lead time for hot wound industrial springs is at 3 weeks.
  • Barber Spring has the ability for quick turnarounds one week or less.
  • Barber Spring makes large helical springs over 4” (101 mm) bar diameter.
  • Barber Spring builds high-quality Industrial hot wound springs at a competitive price and extend a personalized service to each customer.
  • Barber Spring combines modern manufacturing equipment and an extensive material handling capability.
  • Barber Spring has a complete inventory of steel for the Industrial, Transit, and Railroad Markets.
  • Barber Spring is a Lean Manufacturing Facility.
  • Barber Springs has 100 plus years of spring manufacturing expertise.
  • Barber Springs has factory direct pricing, global distribution, engineering assistance, and are ISO 9001:2008 and AARM M-1003 Certified.
  • Barber Spring has manufacturing capabilities that are among the most unique in the world.
  • Barber Spring has Bar diameters range from ½ inch to 4 inch (12 mm to 100 mm), Outside diameters from 1.875 inches to 24 inches (48 mm to 602 mm), Free lengths from 2 inches to 72 inches (50 mm to 1828 mm).
  • Barber Spring does non destructive testing, hardness testing, Load testing, Shot Peening, Cycle Testing, Powder Coating, and other Coatings.

Video Barber Spring sales competition

Bob Dreher, Sales Manager at Barber Spring talks in this video about his role at the company. Also discussed is Wabtec and the vast resources, representative groups, and global sales force of Wabtec. The importance of customer service is briefly discussed and how competition in the manufacturing of industrial springs is fierce.

Its great to know at Barber Spring we have the talents of a global sales force and great people like Bob to bring us new business. Barber maintains the highest level of customer service, fast lead time, and engineering expertise for quality industrial springs.

Video Barber Spring Installs New Hot Wound Spring Coiler

This video shows Barber Spring G.M. Dave Jablonowski speaking about how recently Barber Spring Installs New Hot Wound Spring Coiler. This great new coiler is capable of coiling hot wound industrial springs up to 4 inch bar diameter. Also in the video, discussion includes world wide standards and certifications for quality at Barber Spring. Barber Spring has fast lead time and continues to improve its equipment to meet the demands of the industrial spring manufacturing industry.

Video Barber Spring International Business

Bob Dreher sales Manager for Barber Spring talks about Barber Spring and the companies international business. Also discussed is the fact that Barber Spring has made its web site user friendly towards new business with a new function that allows existing and new clients to view the Barber Spring Web Site in other languages. Mention is also made of Wabtec, the owner of Barber Spring and the vast resources Wabtec offers the company Barber Spring in Pittsburgh, PA.

Video Barber Spring History and Worldwide Service

Dave Jablonowski, General Manager at Barber Spring discusses in this short video the history of Barber Spring and the relationship of its owner – Wabtec. Barber Spring has been manufacturing high quality industrial springs since 1905. In addition to clients in the USA, Barber Spring serves clients worldwide in places such as Europe, Asia, Africa.

Progress at Barber Spring in Pittsburgh PA

Barber Spring has made some major updates and improvements to its web site in the last week. We hope you find our site to be easy to navigate, more attractive, optimized for our local, national, and international clients. We are growing and improving our google and other major search engine presence. Our commitment to each client is, and always has been, top priority and we are always seeking to improve our presence while we grow.

Barber Spring works closely with the railroad industry, specifically but not limited to freight cars, light rail, locomotives, passenger cars, and subways. As a major manufacturer of quality industrial springs we also work very closely with valve and actuator companies, pipe hanger companies, mining and mineral processing, vibration control and isolation, and industrial machinery. Look for much more exciting news and information to follow in the near future from Barber Spring.