Competitive Pricing and Customer Service

At Barber Spring we offer some of the most competitive pricing and top it off with great customer service. Great products are easy to find at Barber Spring, our dedicated customer service team and support is one of the best in the industry. If your looking for high quality hot wound industrial springs give us the opportunity to show you how we can make your springs on time and deliver a truly great product. This brief video is about our competitive pricing and great customer service at Barber Spring.

Barber Spring has been in business since 1905

In this brief video General Manager Dave Jablonowski talks about how Barber Spring has been in business since 1905. The fact that Barber makes quality industrial springs is well known and not only does Barber Spring serve the local companies in Pittsburgh, PA. but also serves many international client in Europe, Asia, and Africa just to name a few.

Barber Spring takes great pride also in its quick turnaround, exceptional customer service, fast lead time and large steel inventory. All these factors make Barber Spring the clear choice when your looking for high quality hot wound springs. Enjoy the video friends!

Barber Spring Processing and Inventory

Dave Jablonowski, General Manager at Barber Spring talks in this video about Barber Spring Processing and Inventory. Barber Spring does all the processing in Pittsburgh, Pa. The steel is purchased from domestic providers, then various processes create our exceptional quality hot wound springs. Barber Spring has an extensive steel inventory, with business divided into two main categories – industrial, and railroad freight car.

Video Barber Spring History and Worldwide Service

Dave Jablonowski, General Manager at Barber Spring discusses in this short video the history of Barber Spring and the relationship of its owner – Wabtec. Barber Spring has been manufacturing high quality industrial springs since 1905. In addition to clients in the USA, Barber Spring serves clients worldwide in places such as Europe, Asia, Africa.